I’m a qualified and accredited  (BABCP) Cognitive Behaviour Psychotherapist with 17 years’ experience in the mental health field.


Prior to being a CBT therapist I worked with children and families who were experiencing behaviour problems, family breakdown, bereavement, Anxiety and Depression. I decided that I wanted to have a more of a therapeutic role and as cliche’ as it may sound I wanted to help people feel better about themselves! I did an Integrative counselling degree in 2005 before then pursuing a career in the NHS as a trainee CBT therapist in 2009.

I also became an associate for Dr Sillifant and associates in 2011/12 and have been working with them since.  

I have since left the NHS (2016) to concentrate on Private Practice. I still work on NHS contracts and short contracts for varying companies.

My referrals come from a mixture of places such as psychiatrists, GP’s self referrals, Insurance companies (AXA PPP, AVIVA, BUPA, Vitality Health etc), legal companies.


I believe in CBT and am a true advocate of this therapy, It has helped me manage anxiety and you truly do get out what you put in. It can be empowering in helping you gain a sense of control back in your emotional wellbeing.

It is not for everyone however as no size fits all so do ask yourself before embarking on a therapy journey… Am I ready to make changes or at least am I ready to want to get to a place where I feel I can make a change? Explore different types of therapy to see what might suit you.

I see my role as a therapist is about helping you to become your own therapist and helping you to understand yourself better so you can manage your own emotions more effectively.


Emotions are normal and we experience them all, it’s when they become consistently overwhelming that it can be a problem and we may then want to seek help.

Therapy is also about self development and gaining a better understanding of yourself … rarely a bad thing.

  • Do make sure the the therapist you choose is accredited in their field of speciality as many therapists report to offering CBT but are not accredited or have done adequate training. Being a ‘member’ of a body is not the same as Accreditation. Do research this so you feel confident in what you are accessing. 
  • Do call several therapists to see what they offer and what their expertise is so you can make an informed choice and most importantly you can feel comfortable being open and honest.