Often someone who is depressed may be told that exercise is a natural therapy and it’s true.

Vitamin D, the release of endorphins and the energy released from being active all improve mood. Exercise, along with other measures, like a better diet and lifestyle, can ease symptoms.

The problem though comes from the fact that someone is clinically depressed is often not thinking logically but in the grip of a long, painful illness and suggesting a walk, a swim, a bike ride may fill that person with horror.

Personally, when I feel anxious or my mood is low, I know that exercising will ease both. It makes me feel good and manage my symptoms of ADHD. If I don’t exercise for two days, I am affected greatly.

Exercise has become part of my daily routine and I’d recommend it for everyone.

Just going out and walking for 20 minutes a day will improve mental wellbeing.

You can then build up from this.

I know people too, including Stuart who designed this website, swear by dog ownership. Having a dog encourages you to go for walks every day and focusing on something other than yourself is beneficial.

Getting your heart rate up when walking releases happy hormones. Think about the last time you went out for a walk, how was it?

If you’re feeling low, depressed, anxious, stressed, it is true that getting outside and doing something active regularly will help.

In my next post, I will look at how food can affect mood and how it affects me.

If you’d like any more advice, please don’t hesitate to contact me.